Emelia Hollingsworth

Emelia Hollingsworth

Marketing Assistant

Gen Z Insights: How can brands win them over?

9 March 2022
Bulla Co - Gen Z
Gen Z are an enigma. They have a real love-hate relationship with brands, and in the age of technology a brand has to stand out to grab the attention of your average Gen-Z’er. With low brand loyalty, Gen Z are the perfect market for brands to reach out to. 66% of Gen Z’ers don’t feel a great affiliation to any brand but say they will continue to buy a product for long time once they find ‘the one’.
But how do brands manage to pull in this in the first place?

According to a Unidays survey, value is most important in attracting students to a brand. In fact, 93% of students are more likely to try a brand that offers discounts. Authenticity also matters to Gen Z, with 77% preferring adverts that show real people doing real things. In terms of the features of a brand’s products, students prefer products that are high quality and good-looking. It’s clear to see that this demographic are attracted to authentic, personable brands. This is why micro-influencing can be hugely important in getting on their good side.

By collaborating with real people who genuinely care about the products they’re promoting, brands appear to Gen Z audiences as authentic and likeable. Moreover, micro-influencing campaigns tend to include incentives such as individual promotion codes. This is a sure-fire winner for discount-loving students! Micro-influencers spreading the word about a brand through their engaged and organic following can have a far bigger impact than traditional advertising, and its results make brands far more likely to win over Gen Z.