Joshua Roche

Joshua Roche

Founder & CEO

Our new website is live!

4 April 2022

Welcome to our new website! After a year of Bulla Co, we thought it was time for a rebrand and, in turn, an update of our website. We’ve got lots of exciting new partnerships coming soon and a growing
 team. So it was only right to revamp our website, giving brands and students the most streamlined experience possible. We’ve been working on our rebrand since January, and we’re delighted it’s finally live! Why not have a little scroll 👀

Bulla Co Team

Our launch didn’t happen seamlessly, though. We thought the tech team were pulling an April Fools on us but no, we almost wiped out the entire website and our creator technology by launching too soon.

We had our tech team calling in a frenzy, the Bulla team unable to send or receive emails, and 2 months of work *almost* down the drain… but after a long afternoon of phonecalls, the website was fixed!

Top tip… always get permission from the tech team before sending a website live! We’re super proud of our new website, though, and we hope you love it too! From case studies of past campaigns to all the information you need to get started as a student micro-influencer, we’ve got you covered.