Joshua Roche

Joshua Roche

Founder & CEO

Micro-Influencing on TikTok: What’s in it for brands?

25 April 2022

In 2022, it’s nearly impossible to avoid TikTok. It’s likely that almost everyone you know will have spent hours scrolling their For You Page or taking part in the latest TikTok challenge. But with the app’s popularity booming – and showing no signs of slowing down – is investing in TikTok micro-influencing worth it for brands?

Bulla Co - TikTok creator

TikTok is incredibly unique in its format and this contributes to it being prime real estate for micro-influencing campaigns.

Engagement rates are incredibly high in comparison to other social media platforms. A UK TikTok campaign generates on average 14.7% engagement; this proves that users of the platform are loyal and engaged, making micro-influencing campaigns more likely to be successful.

User-generated content makes up 83% of videos on TikTok – it is clear that this type of content reaps higher engagement rates, another pull for brands hoping to capitalise on a TikTok micro-influencing campaign. Along with this, TikTok has an approximate 10.25 million active daily users, with 50% of these users under the age of 34. Unlike social media channels such as Instagram, TikTok’s algorithm gives content a much higher chance of being seen outside of a core follower base.

Micro-influencing through TikTok can be incredibly lucrative for brands looking to break into the market of Gen Z. With high engagement rates and large audiences, TikTok may well be the perfect place for a brand to showcase themselves. It may not be a traditional marketing technique, but the uniqueness and authenticity tied to TikTok contents make it a hub for micro-influencing.