Becoming Bulla Co’s first Intern: My two week experience

3 May 2022

My time at Bulla Co has been short but busy, learning all the different parts of their operation and truly understanding what the Bulla team has to offer. As soon as I arrived I hit the ground running and got to grips with their process of finding potential student micro-influencers. By the end of my first day, I had contacted over 50 different students from all over the UK, while processing all of their details and collating them into a spreadsheet to add to the Bullaverse.

Bulla Co - Hakim internship

A couple of days in, I was challenged with completely different tasks. Under the guidance of the Marketing team, I both brainstormed and created funny and engaging content for the Bulla Co Tiktok page to help them reach a wider social media audience. This was a fun task which required me to use my creative skills to produce good engaging content. Check out the Tiktok videos I made here.

By the end of my second week at Bulla, I felt confident in reaching out to students and building relationships in order to get them to sign up on the platform. I used my insight as a student to come up with ideas and ventures for Bulla moving forward and presented them in the form of creative mind maps.I enjoyed working in the office – it gave me a proper taste of working in a creative environment! I really enjoyed the organisational culture at Bulla, from the offset I felt very welcomed and included within the team, even going for drinks with everyone at the end of my first week. I would definitely recommend this to any other students looking to gain valuable experience within marketing as it has been a very fun and insightful experience. You can check out what I did here!