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Arianna Matera

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#BullaLessons: Our 3 top tips for content creation✏️

6 May 2022

If you’re a student wanting to get experience in content creation whilst working with some of your favourite brands, the #BullaLessons hub is the perfect place to start!

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Below are our 3 Top Tips for content creation:

  • Make sure you get high-quality footage

Don’t worry, we know you’re students and we’re not asking you to buy a really expensive camera to get the high-quality footage. The camera quality in smartphones has significantly improved over the last couple of years, in particular from iPhone X and onwards.

We suggest using a mobile phone which can produce 4K videos at 60 FPS – which is enough to match the quality of a lot of expensive, professional cameras out there!

  • Use natural light where possible

We’ve suggested using natural light because it doesn’t cost a penny. Golden hour and shooting outdoors on a cloudy day are particularly good as the natural light is super soft, and no intense light will hit your face and make you squint.

If you’ve got a slightly higher budget, lighting equipment such as a ring light can boost the quality of your videos. This is not essential as a student content creator, but as you scale your production it could be helpful.

  • Engage with the camera and keep eye contact

If camera presence is something that doesn’t come naturally to you, sitting or standing up straight is a start to look focused and relaxed. Additionally, keeping eye contact and smiling with the audience at times will boost your videos as the audience are more inclined to continue watching what you have to say / what you’re going to do.

Speaking pronunciation is important, speaking slowly and clearly to enunciate each word allows the audience to understand your message easier.

Hope these tips help!

Bulla Co x