How to Fill Up Your Student Summer

16 June 2022

You’ve spent the last few months dreaming about the moment when you will wake up and have no more revising to do. But when you submit that last paper, the feeling is both overwhelming and underwhelming. The relief of finishing is quickly replaced by the daunting four months ahead. I personally was excited by this, as I have planned my four months thoroughly, as I dislike that ‘nothing’ feeling. However, I know that many struggles with this part of the year, as it can feel lonely- particularly when it feels like all your peers are constantly having fun. This year, there is also the added pressure of thinking about our futures, and that time is ticking to find work. I will be showing you some things to think about and ideas for the next few months!


It’s super simple to find cheap flights; I’d recommend looking at the sales on Ryan Air and EasyJet. Wizzair and Vueling are also great at the moment. These are particularly good for travelling around Europe. Be careful of the add-on prices though, with many airlines charging extra for check-in bags… try and pack everything in a carry on!
I have been told that the best city to visit in the summer is Vienna— filled with art, culture and fun people, plus it isn’t too hot. Austria is close to many other European countries and also has beautiful lakes 🤗
The way I’m travelling this summer is through nannying. Personally this is a no brainer— you get paid for travelling and have the opportunity to learn lots and see amazing places. I have been doing this for three years running, and while it can be challenging to look after children, the places I’ve had the opportunity to visit makes it worth it! I do this through friends and word-of-mouth, however you can find many online. Here are some websites: 


Whether you are at home in the countryside or in the city, you can keep busy. Look for events, summer courses, day festivals. Chill with your friends. Take up one old hobby and start one new hobby. For example, I would love to take up painting again, or use my time to read for leisure— something I haven’t done for years. I may even challenge myself to delete Instagram and TikTok, as I know that I will be more productive.
I also encourage myself to spend time outside and try and do exercise. However, don’t feel like you need to fill out your 4 months with super productive work. It’s okay to relax and do nothing! The pressure from society tells us you need to do something productive everyday. If all you’ve done is sit down and binge watch the 4th season of Prison Break for the 3rd time, that’s ok. There is no pressure to have heaps of fun, to do work, or to tie dye all your wardrobe and sell it on Depop. If there’s one thing we learned from that lockdown in 2020, it’s that it’s amazing to slow down and take in the simple things 😃


It’s great to break up the months with work and play, that way there is a sense of reward when you are having fun. Whether it’s nannying and waiting tables to earn some extra cash, or doing an internship. If you haven’t already, writing a CV and creating a Linkedin profile is a good way to start, then you can start applying. Email the careers department at your university and your old school- you’d be surprised at how helpful they can be and the contacts that they can put you in touch with.
Here are some things I’ve learned at my internship at Bulla Co:

  • Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I learned that the working environment is very important to me, and that I will prioritise the environment over type of work/pay.
  • I’ve learnt a lot about marketing and social media, through replying to DM’s and creating content for the company’s social media account.
  • Having done it myself dressed as a perfectly poured pint, I will now give people promoting on the streets the time of day; it’s hard work!
  • Relationships and communication between agency, brands and influencers are the essential cogs that keep the industry going.
  • The layers within the marketing industry (through marketing Bulla Co itself but also the brands we work with).


Finally, enjoy your summer! We are so lucky to have all this time off and be able to enjoy life. Slow down and take it in 😎


Lily x