Julia Munro

Julia Munro

Executive Assistant

Bulla Co joins the SME Climate Hub!

15 July 2022
Bulla Co - SME Climate Hub

We are proud to have signed the SME Climate Commitment. This is a commitment to our planet: we need to halve our emissions by 2030 to deliver a zero-carbon world in time. To meet this goal, every business, no matter their size or industry, has a role to play.

Here are some of the ways Bulla Co is taking action towards a sustainable future:

  • Our clients & influencers
    We aim to work with brands that are focused on social responsibility, with who we partner with influencers possessing similar values.

  • Sustainable office space
    Our office space has been a part of the Better Building Partnership (BBP) since 2019 and actively commits to changes to reduce their carbon footprint through schemes such as using 100% renewable energy, improved wall & ceiling insulation, water recycling and even using solar panels.

  • Minimal travel and shipping

    By connecting digitally with ambassadors and influencers who create the content in their own homes/local areas, we eliminate the need for expensive and unsustainable airline travel for influencers or costly shipping of large equipment for photo/video shoots.

  • No physical product
    Through the nature of our industry, we don’t create consumer goods or packaging, therefore eliminating factory pollution or landfill output.

  • Carbon-neutral internal office systems
    We use Gmail & Google Drive systems which are inherently carbon neutral.
    “​​Every email you send through Gmail, every question you ask Google Search and every YouTube video you watch is already carbon neutral” – Ronan Harris, Managing Director & VP, Google UK and Ireland.


Joining the SME Climate Hub allows small businesses to join a community of like-minded companies prioritising climate action. We need all companies around the world to commit to a net-zero future. Find out how you can future-proof your business now: https://smeclimatehub.org