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Emelia Hollingsworth

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Your ultimate festival guide 🎡

19 July 2022

With August being the month for some of the big boy festivals, we’re here to give you your ULTIMATE festival guide just so you can go prepared.

Calling all Day festival goers, check out our festival outfit inspo HERE 🎪

Boomtown? We Are Festival? Reading and Leeds? Boardmasters? All Points East? We’ve got you covered on all of them. First thing, don’t overthink about your packing. You’re going to be dirty and smelly by the end of the day/ weekend so just remember that. FYI, you will have dirt under your acrylics by the end…

Bulla Co - Festival guide
Festival Checklist ✅

Whether this is your first festival or whether it’s been a while since you’ve been because of covid, here is a list of our festival ESSENTIALS:

Bulla Co - festival checklist
What about when you’re there?

The first thing to remember when you’re at a camping festival is to go for comfort over style ALWAYS. By day 3 you probably would have slept a total of about 6 hours since you’ve been there, you’ve not showered since Wednesday morning and the last thing you’re going to want to wear is a complicated co-ord that takes half an hour for you to get on. Not forgetting that your only changing room is your three-foot-tall, the two-man tent you’re sharing with someone else.

Secondly, always agree on a meeting point with your friends when you get there. There’s a high possibility you’re going to lose them at least 4 times over the weekend, so find somewhere that is obvious and stick to that. It could be the giant spider stage, the first aid tent, the forbidden forest- find somewhere easy and obvious. Also, if you’ve got a flag, fairy lights or something easy to spot in the dark it could be useful to identify your tent in the dark.

Sharing your location on Find My Friends or Life 360 is essential for both fun and safety. Another useful tool is what3words.com – this gives you a 3-word reference for where you are down to the square metre, then get your friends to type in the 3 words and locate you. Easy-peasy!

The most important thing to remember at a festival is to bring your most powerful portable charger. We know you’re going to want to take a million pics, but take a digital or disposable camera instead and save the Instagramming for when you’re home to save your phone battery. Also, you can usually find portable charging stations whilst you’re at the festival so keep an eye out for those as they’re usually pretty affordable.

What does your favourite festival say about you?

Lastly, let’s finish this off by having a bit of a laugh. We’ve done our research, spoken to fellow students and I think it’s fair to say this is pretty accurate. Going to any of these festivals? Screenshot and send to your mates…

Reading & Leeds
Congratulations, your parents have finally let you go to your first festival after your GCSEs.  You’ve spent the last week figuring out how to sneak alcohol into the festival, and you’ve realised all you need to do is put it in a water bottle.

You just absolutely love nitty drum and bass. You’re ready for the skankiest weekend, coming home a kilo lighter as you’ve not eaten for 4 days. Grab your favourite sunglasses and bucket hat because you’re gonna need them.

You’re a techno-lover Fiat 500 owner. Wearing the neon range from PLT, I Saw It First or Boohoo with your fresh set of acrylics to match; your next caption will be “Creams with the girlies 🕺” You’re also a fan of Ocean Beach but you didn’t manage to plan your lads holiday there so Creamfields is the next best thing.

This is a hipster highlight of the year whose excited to chant hatred to Bojo whilst waving their green flag around. When you’re back your post caption is “back in my favourite place ever ✨🌈🍃” You’re pretty smug about getting a ticket in the first place, so no doubt you’ll rave to people that “nothing will ever top Glasto.”

Again, it is likely you’re still in school and you’ve already posted on your Snapchat ‘Road Trip with the girls”’ You’ve just bought your first pair of Tim’s Trunks and will spend the entire festival searching for your blue-eyed, blonde hair surfer. You’ll probably try to use the words ‘gnarly’ and ‘rad’ to try to catch the surfer lingo.

You’re probably 18+ with a bright orange foundation line and your first set of neon acrylics. You’re about to smoke for the 3rd time ever because your mate’s brother bought him a packet of cigs. You’re going to spend the day securing your spot for Drake for 7 hours all because you know every single word to his chart-toppers.


Just a final thing to say; ENJOY IT! You’re a student, enjoy the festival season as come September it won’t be here… 🎪 🕺 👀


Bulla Co x