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Emelia Hollingsworth

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Sun, Sea & Student Travel Pt 2: Five reasons why you SHOULD go backpacking 🌎

Bulla Co - holiday 2
28 July 2022

What do you fancy doing in your summer holidays? I’m sure most of you are thinking and have realised you will be sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

What are you waiting around for? Grab a backpack, a couple of best mates, head to the airport and head off somewhere and explore; you won’t regret it. You might be asking, why would I do that? Well, you’re young, you’ve got the longest time off probably until you retire. Not even mentioning the fact that we’ve been in a lockdown for the last two years. 

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Now we’re going into just some of the reasons why you should take that step and go backpacking;

1️⃣ Cheaper way of travelling

There is no doubt that people know that backpacking is a cheaper alternative to holidaying. Expensive hotels are a no go, you’ll realise it’s a waste of money 💁‍♀️ Staying in cheaper places such as hostels allows you to stay on a budget. Don’t stress, you’re still going to have the time of your life. As said in our previous blog, HostelWorld is a great app which will save your backpacking trip. It’s student friendly, and you can get some great hostels for minimal costs. Take a look at this for example. You can stay here for only €14 a night in Mexico!

Bulla Co - holiday 3
2️⃣ Meet new people

Backpacking is a great way to meet people all around the world. Plus, you never know when you visit a country you might need a friend to stay with. Through apps like HostelWorld, you can meet the people which you will be staying in the hostel with, to see what they’re like. Travelling is a great way to meet people from different places in the UK and all the world, so make sure to be confident and you’ll have plenty of new travelling buddies in no time. Get Google translate out and learn to ask people questions like “What’s a good place to eat around here?” , “Where’s the nearest bar, can we get a cheap pint?”, “Have you got any recommendations of activities to do?” And make sure to share places you have been and activities you’ve done, it’s a great conversation starter with people.

3️⃣ Try new food 

The unwritten rule of travelling is that you MUST try the local cuisine in every place that you visit 🥭🫒🍜 🥥 Oh and just a forewarning, there is a strong chance a Bali Belly will be on the cards… so make sure to have an emergency stash of immodium and rehydration tablets in your bag. Try every random fruit you see, enjoy the exotic flavours and soak them all up 😍 Also, if you’re going to places like Thailand or Bali, you can get a whole meal and a drink for around £3! So make sure to make the most of the cheap, local cuisine. Much cheaper than all the London prices we’re all used to…

4️⃣ Become more independent

You’ve got no one to rely on but yourself, so no doubt this will make you more independent. You’ve already conquered living independently at uni, so why not do it somewhere where, 1) it’s cheaper 2) you have no responsibilities apart from HAVE FUN! Don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt you’re going to face some challenges on the way but it will be rewarding once you’ve done it. For example, if you’re travelling Japan and manage to work out their rail system, you know you’ve achieved something and should be proud of that.

5️⃣ It’s a chance to explore the world

Leaving the final point as the most important. YOLO. 

You’re only going to be a student once, so go and say to yourself f*** it, and explore all the countries which you’ve dreamed about. Go and explore the most beautiful cities, cultures, beaches, architecture and food which we have all around us. 

Need a bit of inspo? We’ve put together some of our travelling hotspots to give you an idea of where to explore 🌍 









📍Interrailing – tackle the most beautiful European cities 😍

Ya, go on a gap yah and find yourself. 

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Bulla Co x