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Emelia Hollingsworth

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Top Content Creator Tips #BullaLessons

Bulla Co- Content Creator
10 August 2022

Do you want to become a top content creator and grow your social media following as a student? Do you want to increase your engagement with your followers? We’re back with another #BullaLessons to help you grow as an influencer. 

Let’s go back to basics, we’ve got six tips to help you to either grow your platform or start your influencing journey. No matter the size of your audience, whether you’re a micro-influencer, nano influencer or macro influencer, these tips will help you! 

1️⃣ Make it easy for people to find you

Your username is such a simple step to getting it right as a content creator, but you’ve got to make it easy for people to find you on your platform; whether it’s TikTok, Instagram or any other respected social media. There’s no point including countless ‘x’ or ‘.’ or ‘_’ to replace letters, keep it simple so people can find you. If you’ve got a niche, like cooking or sport/ gym; try and include something relevant to that, to make your target audience find you easier. Remember, you can always change your username if your niche changes!

2️⃣ Identify your target audience

There’s no point in posting content to a random audience, you want to make sure you create content for a specific audience that is going to enjoy it and actually engage with it. You want the relevant audience to comment, like, and share around with other people who will enjoy it. Chef? Find the foodies. Fitness? Find the gym rats. Fashion? Find ‘that girl’ lovers on Instagram. This brings me very swiftly to our next tip for you all…

3️⃣ Keep your content relevant

Whilst you’re growing your platform, you need to keep the content relevant and within your niche. This will help gain traction to your page, attracting the target audience which you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, once you’ve grown your audience of course you can expand your channel to attract a wider audience. Whilst you’re starting, keep your content relevant so your audience engages with it, it’s really important. Also, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to reach that wider target audience!

4️⃣ Watch Competitor Influencers

Seeking out your competitors is important for any business, and the same goes for content creation and influencing. Take a look at your competitors, your inspiring accounts and see what they’re posting. It’s important to note do not copy their content, instead use it as inspiration and put your own touch on it; make it suit your audience, your niche, your content!

5️⃣ Stay updated with trends and platform changes

Instagram loves a new update, TikTok enjoys changing the algorithm every now and then. As an influencer, it is important to stay up to date with these platform changes, and change your social media or strategy accordingly. Staying up to date with trends is a must, you need to be constantly seeking and searching for the discovery of new trends. Hop on them quickly, it gives you a higher chance of them going viral. Spend time each day scrolling and looking for trends, reading relevant articles and magazines, and hop on those trends quickly! 

6️⃣ Keep consistent with posting and engage with your audience

Even if you experience a flop, make sure to keep consistent with posting. This is key to catching the algorithm and reaching a wider audience. For Instagram, being consistent will help you reach the Explore page, and for TikTok posting, relevant content will help you appear on the For You page. Figure out a social media strategy that works for you, and post the relevant content at times that suit your audience. Also, remember to always respond to comments on your posts; engaging with your audience will create a friendly environment and get more people posting comments.

These tips are super simple and easy to implement to help grow your page organically. If a particular tip works for you, don’t be afraid to let us know through our Instagram @bullaconnect 🫶

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Bulla Co x