Arianna Matera

Arianna Matera

Graphic Designer

Mo Staches, Mo Problems! 🥸

7 November 2022

Ready, set, MO!

This month our goal is to raise awareness and make a difference in Men’s Mental Health. ‘Men don’t talk’ – How often have we heard this? Why are so many men afraid of speaking their hearts out? This needs to be changed. We need to be supportive, create safe spaces, and most importantly, we have to learn how to ‘listen’. People need to care about each other and remember, everyone has got feelings. 🖤

If you want to support Movember Foundation, check out their website.

Here are some thoughts from our great men, sharing is caring!

Joshua Roche Bulla Co

The Movember movement is an incredible charity to get behind. With many men afraid to talk, it isn’t just about growing (or attempting) a tash, it is there to give men facts and also change the behaviour for the better.

Their community is fantastic, whilst also improving mental health, there are projects for all to get involved with.

None of this is possible without support, so check it out today.

– Josh

Euan Wardrop Bulla Co

As we enter Movember, I think it is important to pause and take a think about men’s mental health once again.

Men make up 69% of suicides with one man dying from suicide every minute, so take a minute, ask your bros if they’re ok and grow a moustache for a fantastic cause!

– Euan

Milo Linney Bulla Co

Everyone suffers from time to time with bouts of sadness, depression or mental health issues, after all, we are all only human. However, when it comes to opening up about it, men are reluctant. In fact, three times as many men as women die by suicide every year.

This is a staggeringly high number that makes you wonder why men have such an issue opening up and how we as people can do more to help reduce it.

Movember is a charity set up to help find solutions to this, empowering tens of thousands of men to overcome their difficulties and move forward with their lives.

Any donation could help save a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a partner, or simply a man’s life.

– Milo