Through the Bullaverse, we are transforming the landscape of social connections. Our cutting-edge technology utilises Gen Z’s unique social sphere and helps brands to take advantage of emerging trends through the combination of social relationships and technology working in harmony. Launched in 2022, we are bringing together data and intelligence.

We offer unrivalled transparency around student influencer campaigns, with real time data and insights, student tracking and content approval. The Bullaverse contains individual student tracking, allowing us to report directly back to brands with impactful results.

With over fifty universities across the UK and more than 6000+ students within our Bulla Co community, our next-generation Bullaverse enables us to search for the student micro-influencers we believe will have the most chemistry with your brand.



We ask the students a profile survey, allowing us to break down their interests. The survey asks questions like what are they studying, to which sport teams or societies are they part of as well dietary requirements to their interests.

Bulla Co - The survey
Bulla Co - Dashboard



Students have access to their own dashboard where they can see Campaign Opportunities and also Active Campaigns. By allowing them to see Campaign Opportunities, we can show you students who are excited to work for your brand before we even search our end through the Bullaverse to find them.