We are the home of Student Creators, Gen Z Creators, creating powerful content to humanise and ingrain brands in student culture.


Bulla Co - Hello Fresh

Empowering students and brands through socially savvy, creative campaigns that cut through the noise.

Driven by data and creativity, we humanise brands, and give them a trusted voice that’s heard amongst the most diverse and hard-to-reach groups of students, across the channels they love the most.
Campaigns - Bulla Co

We don't believe in templates.

Each campaign deserves a bespoke solution.

Friends buy from friends.

Through creative campaigns, we position your brand at the heart of modern social innovation, at the forefront of students minds, driving growth and long-lasting brand affinity within the student market. When our campaigns go live, the student influencers create meaningful content, grabbing the attention of their audience, building relationships which have been built on trust.