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Bulla Co - Student influencing
Student influencing - Bulla Co

Student & Gen Z Influencing

We create noise across the UK through UGC content on TikTok and Instagram. With a TikTok or Instagram following of 1,000 to 10,000 (Nano) or 10,001 to 100,000 (Micro) or 100,001+ (Macro), we have access to an untapped market.

Specialising with Micro and Nano influencers, a word from a smaller following can have a much larger impact compared to one who has hundreds of thousands of followers, through their authentic following and closer relationships with their audience. Running a campaign with a combination of both taps into an unrivalled audience, allowing your brands voice to.

Brand ambassador - Bulla Co

Brand Ambassadors & Experiential

From completing campaign tasks to understanding their University and city, to Guerrilla marketing activations, we can set up almost anything a brand desires. We hand-pick Student Brand Ambassadors (SBA’s) bespoke for brands, therefore resulting in maximum engagement and ROI.

Experiential Marketing immerses customers in a product through experiences. Through running pop-ups such as pub events, student union activations or city-specific experiences, we create memorable marketing stunts to fully immerse Gen Z in products and services.

Bulla Co - Brand Ambassador
Insights - Bulla Co

Insight Reporting

Finding out what gets students going and predicting future trends is difficult and the information is like gold dust. Through our insight reporting, we are able to place questions directly in front of a chosen demographic, gathering the responses from them and reporting them all back to the brand.

The world is driven by data, and through our insight reporting, it will allow brands to develop their services and make viable decisions.