Ever fancied being a student creator, yet not sure where to start?

Join the most diverse network of student creators and participate in campaigns for the world’s largest brands.

Bulla Co makes finding campaigns, producing content and getting paid simple!

We strive to empower talent, helping you access more deals, growing your audience and supporting you in your creative journey.

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1. Choose Campaigns

We are all about inclusion, once we upload a campaign to our dashboard you pick and choose which brands you want to partner with.

2. Get Creating

Brands send you a brief which allows your creative freedom to shine, producing content that your followers enjoy and driving engagement.

3. Payday

We pay at the end of a campaign for your content, once accepted onto the campaign you are guaranteed payment.

Become part of the Bulla Co talent!

We thrive in establishing and managing lasting influencer relationships. Whether macro or micro-influencing, we have the resources and expertise required to help you grow your personal brand and enhance your social presence, paving the way to a fruitful career.

Dedicating ourselves to each and every partnership, we maintain strong relations that ensure every campaign is successful, rewarding and a whole lot of fun.

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Brands pay us at the beginning of campaigns, allowing us to guarantee payment for you at the end of campaigns. No more worrying or chasing about being paid!

Networking Events

We are throw multiple parties, which you are invited to. This is a networking event to allow you to meet other creators across the UK.


Grow your personal brand and social presence through UK wide campaigns, whilst supporting you in your creative journey.


We negotiate the best possible rates for your brand partnerships, managing all the boring bits so you don’t have to.

Rights of first refusal

You are offered campaigns before it is opened up to Bulla Co’s wider network, giving you the option to accept working, meaning you never miss out on opportunities.

Personal Management

We initiate conversation with brands, once agreed between you and a brand, we send you briefs allowing you to focus on what you love most, the creative side.

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