Our Student Influencing Marketing Platform brings together both data and intelligence.

Bulla Co - The Tech

What It Does

Allow us to make impact around your Student Influencing Marketing:

Influencer Discovery & Insights

 Campaign & Content Tracking


What It Is

Our proprietary platform is used to transform the landscape of social, using innovative techniques that drive engagement through data and intelligence.

Offering unrivalled transparency around Student Influencer Campaigns.

Effortlessly discover influencers, set up campaigns, real time data and insights, student tracking, content approval and analyse campaigns with impactful results across Instagram and TikTok.

Student Influencer Discovery & Insights

Your campaign starts here.


Allows easy tools to find your student influencers to work with, across Instagram and TikTok from our database, which can be filtered down, such as University, interests and following.

Audience Demographic

Powered by AI, effortlessly access estimations of the student influencers audience, e.g. age, gender, country, city.

Audience - Bulla Co

Manage & Track Student Influencers

Run impactful campaigns, automatically tracking and logging all student influencers’ content.
Campaigns - Bulla Co

Launching Campaigns

Run campaigns across Instagram and TikTok, with content approval prior to posting.

Campaign Management

All campaigns posts fall under the campaign, saved under one place. We know who’s published what, where and when with real time data and insights.

Campaign Analysis

Bringing your campaign performance all into one place.

The Measurements

Measure the success across various KPI’s, measuring ROI and impact on each campaign. 

Reporting Simplified

Bringing your campaign in a realtime report, using our tools to present in a clear way.