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Friends buy from friends.

With an Instagram or TikTok following of 1,000 to 5,000 (Nano), 5,001 to 49,999 (Micro), or 50,000+ (Macro), this allows any student to sign up, creating an untapped market with a huge variety in potential audiences. A word from a small influencer can have a much larger impact than one who has hundreds of thousands of followers because their following is authentic and they possess closer relationships to their audiences.

Friends buy from friends and students having a predominately student following, meaning you know who will be seeing your brand. With engagement rates triple that of someone with a following of 100,000+, it is a cost-effective method to attract relevant customers to your brand and give you a competitive edge over rivals.

We specialise in User Generated Content (UGC): original, brand-specific content created by customers and published on social media. This ensures the authenticity of the influencing and boosts your growth on social media, all whilst securing conversion to your product or service.

ROI, impressions, engagements and link clicks are compiled in reports to show you the success of your campaign

Bulla Co Student Micro Influencing - What We Do
Bulla Co What We Do


Brand Ambassadors

Making a company the only topic on everybody’s mind.

From completing campaign tasks, to understanding their University and city, to Guerrilla marketing activations, we can set up almost anything a brand desires. We hand pick Student Brand Ambassadors (SBA’s) bespoke for brands, therefore resulting in maximum engagement and ROI.

Experiential Marketing immerses customers in a product through experiences. Through running pop-ups such as pub events, student union activations or city-specific experiences, we create memorable marketing stunts to fully immerse Gen Z in products and services.

Students are an enigma, who knows what they are thinking?

Finding out what gets students going and predicting future trends is difficult and the information is like gold dust.

Through Sociable Co, we are able to place questions directly in front of a chosen demographic, gathering the responses from them and reporting all back to the brand. Our next step with Sociable Co is contracting our own AI technology, adding extra value to this data and allowing brands to predict trends before they happen. The world is driven by data, and through Sociable Co it will allow brands to develop their services and make viable decisions. The opportunity with Sociable Co is endless.

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Is your product or service not quite a fit for the student market on price point or demographic? Our graduate influencers still regularly use social media and their personal audience likewise consists of recent graduates. These individuals will have a higher level of disposable income and with it an increased desire to spend on a variety of new markets to meet new requirements, whether through workwear or home appliances for example.

Through an Instagram or TikTok following of 1,000 to 5,000 (Nano), 5,001 to 49,999 (Micro) or 50,000 + (Macro), these influencers will have a similar effect on their peers but within a wider market compared to our student influencers. Geographically, they are typically located in major cities, meaning more targeted campaigns can be curated and implemented.

All content will be user-generated, brand-specific content of your products or service, meaning it is hands-on and genuine. This ensures conversion to your brand at the beginning of their product-purchasing life cycle, creating loyalty to your company throughout their 20s and beyond.